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Proof of our success with school admissions: Our statistics, our repeat business, our client referrals, and our client feedback. We have a 100% admissions success rate, and our families average 4 private school acceptances per child. Our clients’ satisfaction is evident in their repeat business, with families returning to us to place siblings and to help get their children into their next private school. Our families also refer their friends and colleagues and write to thank us for our hard work on their behalf. Here and throughout our website, you can read what our families think about New York Admissions.

We will definitely refer you to anyone who asks and loved working with you.
—Middle school parents

Wow, I can breathe now!!!!! Dana, you are the best! Do I sound delirious??
Kindergarten parent

Thank you so much for all of your ideas and encouragement. It was great to have an independent cheerleader who believed in him.
Kindergarten parent


We would have been lost without you as a touchstone and awesome consultant!
—Nursery school parents

I recommended you to the parents at school.
Nursery school parent


I will never forget how kind you were to my family.
Lower school parent

Thank you for calming my nerves, helping me through every step of the way. You always had the answers to my questions, and we are so thrilled and excited and couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.
—Kindergarten parent

A clean sweep. Holy cow. Thank you so much for your support!
—High school parent

We are extremely grateful to have had such amazing help throughout this entire process.
—Nursery school parents

You were a wonderful sounding board, person to vent to, and intermediary between us. We really appreciate all of the time and effort (and we know it was a lot!) that you put forth on our behalf. We will be suffering from "Dana withdrawal."
—Kindergarten parents

Thank you for your expert guidance and professionalism during this stressful and challenging school process. We are forever grateful to you that he will attend his first choice school.
—Middle school parents

Our sincere thanks for your support, advice, friendship, and insights through the exmissions process. We are thrilled with the outcome and very proud of our boy! Thank you for your kindness to him and to us.
—Middle school parents

Thank you for all your helpful advice.
—Middle school student

Thank you so much for helping me through the school application process. You were so helpful. It was fun to have appointments with you. 
—High school student

She got her acceptance letter yesterday, and I have never seen her so happy. We could not have done this without your input and guidance.
—High school parent


We used you as a lifeboat. We were totally stressed and dead in the water without you!
—Middle school parents


We had been traumatized over this whole school process for the last 2 years, but you made it so easy and seamless, we finally felt like we could breathe again.
Middle school parents
You handled our son in a way we never could, and you made him feel so empowered that I am sure he will thrive in his new school. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you thank you thank you!
High school parent
You’ve made our lives better! Thank you for your hard work and dedication helping us to find *AND* be accepted at our first-choice school.
—Nursery school parents