The Advantage You Need for the Schools You Want—New York Admissions

At New York Admissions, we work with families to create the best academic plans for their children, offering admissions consulting, relocation services, and help identifying tutoring, enrichment, and special needs services. We are the long-term partner for parents and cheerleader for their children as they navigate the important role education will play throughout their lives. At New York Admissions, we have the knowledge, expertise, and competitive edge you need for private, public, boarding, and special needs school admissions.

Consulting for Private, Boarding, Special Needs, and Nursery School Admissions

At New York Admissions, we care about our families and work hard to place each child in schools that are perfect for them. New York Admissions is focused on New York City private schools, elite public schools (see below), special needs schools, and nursery schools; private schools in Westchester, Connecticut, and New Jersey; and private schools, boarding schools, and special needs schools nationally and internationally.

Your advice and guidance have been invaluable. We
will be tapping into your talents again in the future.

— Kindergarten Parents

A clean sweep. Holy cow. Thank you so much for support!
— High School Parent

Consulting for Selective Public School Admissions

New York Admissions helps families navigate the complex system of New York City public school choice, including selective middle and high schools and the elite specialized high schools.  We demystify the public school admissions process and help families save time, reduce aggravation, and understand how to maximize your child’s chances of securing a top choice school.

Relocation Services for Private and Public School Admissions

New York Admissions works with families from around the world and close to home on private and public school admissions in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, as well as nationally and internationally. If you are relocating to or from New York, we have the connections and experience to help you identify and get into the best private or public schools for your child, even in non-entry-point years.

Tutoring, Enrichment, Special Needs, Extracurricular, and Community Service Consulting

New York Admissions helps to identify services for children needing enrichment or remedial support through our long-term relationships with 8 tutoring companies and over 100 tutors working under the New York Admissions umbrella. We also maintain a network of contacts for extracurricular activities, from piano teachers and tennis coaches to resumé-building internships and community-service trips.

The moment my mom told me I made it in, I said we should immediately call Dana, because she pretty much got me in.
— High School Student

You presented the facts so clearly, we were able to make a truly informed decision for our daughter!
— Nursery School Parents

Consulting for Private and Public Schools

New York Admissions provides consulting services to schools and corporations for curriculum analysis and development, supplementary school placement support, as well as marketing and communications strategies. We have worked with administrators and boards of directors of new and expanding schools in cities worldwide, including Hong Kong, Abu Dabi, London, New Orleans, and New York City

You created an amazingly smooth transition when we relocated to NYC. Your thoughtful analysis of our daughter's learning style and personality helped us to quickly target our top three schools. Because of your guidance, our daughter was accepted to our top choice. We couldn't have asked for a better partner to help us navigate the nuanced environment of N.Y.C. schools.
— Lower School Parents

Services & Areas of Expertise:

  • Advisement
  • Assessment
  • Tour and interview scheduling
  • Procedural guidance
  • Recommendations
  • Remediation
  • Enrichment
  •  Tutoring


  • Test prep
  • Essay coaching
  • Parent interview prep
  • Child interview prep
  • Special needs advisement
  • Relocation services
  • Extracurricular guidance
  • Community service options
  • Resumé building