You are one of the most amazing people I have ever worked with.
—Middle school parent

Dana Haddad, CEO
New York Admissions

As the founder and CEO of New York Admissions, I love helping families achieve their educational goals, and I take the stress and guesswork out of the school admissions process. I work directly with every family to get their children into their top-choice private and public schools. As a former admissions director at Horace Mann School and Claremont Preparatory School and a former teacher in New York private and public schools, I give my clients the inside track on the admissions process and a competitive advantage getting in. 

The Advantage You Need for the Schools You Want—New York Admissions

From nursery schools to private schools and boarding schools in New York City and surrounding Tri-State Area, as well as nationally and internationally, I work with children from 10-months to 18-years old. Whether you live in New York or you are relocating, New York Admissions will help you get your child into private school, elite public school, boarding school, nursery school, or special needs school. I have worked with over 1,000 families in the last 8 years, with a 100% admissions success rate. And I can to do the same for you. I look forward to working with you.

You made this process so much easier and less nerve-racking! From taking my phone calls to answering my questions to taking me to Chinatown, you have always been there!
—Middle school student

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Dana Haddad
New York Admissions


New York Admissions’ Dana Haddad—Competitive Advantage

Without your assistance, the whole process would have been extremely overwhelming. The school is a dream come true, and that dream would have never come true without you!
—High school student
  • 100% acceptance rate
  • Former admissions director with inside track
  • All clients work directly with Dana Haddad
  • 1,300 children placed at over 60 schools
  • Average 4 acceptances per child
  • 20 years’ experience in education
  • Recognized leader in school admissions consulting
  • Deep knowledge of private schools, elite public schools, boarding schools, special needs schools, nursery schools, and post-graduate (gap year) programs
  • Extensive knowledge of community service opportunities
  • Expert in prepping parents and children for interviews and tours
  • Support team for scheduling, editing and translation, and tutoring
  • Available to clients day and evening, weekday and weekend
  • Skype meetings and scheduled calls for national and international clients
  • Strict client confidentiality


New York Admissions—Our Process

You gave great advice and really helped her gain her confidence.
—High school parent
  • Meet clients to assess needs
  • Review child’s test scores, assessments, school reports
  • Meet child
  • Identify target schools with client
  • Review deadlines and procedures for tours, interviews, and applications
  • Support scheduling school visits
  • Determine any additional needs to strengthen application
  • Prep parents for school tours and interviews
  • Prep child for school visits and interviews
  • Review application essays and tour/interview thank you notes
  • Get feedback from clients after all school visits
  • Act as liaison between families and schools
  • Advocate for children with schools when necessary
  • Assess concerns and top-choice schools
  • Determine first-choice and top-choice schools
  • Review first-choice and top-choice letters
  • Celebrate acceptance letters!

Thanks for all your expertise—especially your prep on their interviews, which was invaluable.
—Middle school parent